After installation

Comment out the BASE_URL from your site.php and check out the configuration section.

If the relative directory (after BASE_URL) is different for your different locations, also comment out the DIR_REL definition, concrete5 will automatically detect the relative directory if it is not set.


After commenting out the BASE_URL option, your site will show up on any url that is pointed to your server's concrete5 installation. This is not usually the optimal case because for SEO purposes it is suggested to use EITHER OR This can be fixed with the following configuration in your site.php:

define('BASE_URL_DEFAULT', '');


  • BASE_URL_DEFAULT=Is the default url where to point users if the browsing url is not in the BASE_URL_POSSIBILITIES list. This is where you set the main url for the site (you can use here what you used to use in BASE_URL option)
  • BASE_URL_POSSIBILITIES=A comma separated list of base urls for your site, others will be redirected to BASE_URL_DEFAULT
    • If BASE_URL_DEFAULT is not defined, the first one from this list will be used as default

Additional info

Please note that if you do not have BASE_URL_POSSIBILITIES defined, this package will not do anything.