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Review posted by gfisoftware on at

Lives up to its name

The Omni Gallery add-on is a cornerstone of our web presentation. We've utilized it extensively, from showcasing our corporate leadership in a visually engaging portfolio to creating dynamic hero sliders. Its versatility in handling various slider and gallery formats across our websites has been remarkable. The add-on's reliability and John's exceptional support have negated the need for any other gallery tool, living up to its 'Omni' name.

Before 9.2.4

Review posted by chainakpiban on at

Fully loaded with granular control, media queries, and more

Omni is the all in one tool that you've always wanted but didn't know it, because it's one of a kind. It can be a slider, a page list with thumbnails, a glider/carousel with swipe capabilities, or a hero image with Kens Burns effects. This plugin is so extensive and so highly configurable, you can spend hours fine tuning it. It can pull from folders, file sets, individually picked files . ..the tight integration with ConcreteCMS is insane! It's as if Concrete developed this plugin themselves.

If you're anything like me, you want to see what this can do before purchasing. You can see good examples at

Bookmark this page because it contains the precise settings if you want to replicate any of these widgets.

And best of all, the support is very personal. I had questions along the way and the dev went waaaaay above and beyond and even pushed out an update to the product.

I'm hoping for high adoption so this plugin can evolve with Concrete5 CMS. I'm not sure I've ever seen any 3rd party add on with this much granular control. Well done.

9.2.4 -

Review posted by Way2Sharp4U on at

Working great with version 9.1.3 and PHP 8.1.15 - Stellar Support

The developer is very responsive and fixed an issue quickly.

I've only begun to dig into the features of this add-on. Very feature rich.

Thank you for making this and supporting it.

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