Version History


* Added some extra directory options under the "Directories" tab;
* Added selectable concrete5 versions for the "Required concrete5 version" field;
* Added a single blank line at the end of the generated "controller.php" file;
* Added an extra dialog/overlay text after installing the Add-On, to make sure directory permissions have been set and they can click a button to get started;


* Updated code to fix issue when an Add-On is created that should install multiple Block Types but only installs the first one;
* Added selectable concrete5 versions for the "Required concrete5 version" field;
* Removed "fieldset" (<fielset>) for dashboard pages, to remove the extra padding at the bottom of the form/page;
* Other minor code changes/improvements;


* Removed function call "setupPackageLocalization", as it's not needed (and it causes an error in concrete5 version 8.x);


* Added concrete5 version to select (;
* Added 'defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied.")' statement to the processor;
* Removed unneeded "uninstall" function;
* Only add the "install" function when there are blocks added (otherwise obsolete);


* Added Dutch translation;
* Added .pot file to be able to create other translations;
* Added concrete5 versions to select (which populate in field "Required Concrete5 version");
* Replaced deprecated "Loader::helper()" with "Core::make('helper/helper_name')";
* Replaced deprecated "TaskPermission" class with "Permissions";
* Moved registering assets to actual view function (as it's not needed elsewhere);
* Using "Request" class and its "post" function (Request::post()) to retrieve $_POST values (instead of $_POST);
* Removed unused "use" statements;
* Removed unneeded "uninstall" method;


* Replaced jquery.responsiveTabs.min.js with a non minified version - 5.7.4 was causing issues (with CSS/JS caching turned ON) for some strange reason;
* Searching for "application/blocks/[BLOCK_HANDLE]" and "protected $pkg = false;" to replace them with the new block handle path and the package handle;
* Developers: Moved the "PackageProcessor.php" file to the "src" directory to maintain Concrete5 standards;


* Caching CSS and JavaScript fix - when this function was turned on (, some jQuery functions where not executed, resulting in a non-working page;


* Initial Release