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Page List Title

This Block gives you the ability to give your Page List a custom, editable Title via the block's Edit screen. It Also adds a second filterable page attribute (called 'Editor's Choice') in case you need to filter you page lists by more than one attribute (previously just 'Featured').

The Block is easily and highly customizable and comes pre-packaged with 8 custom templates including:

  • Thumbnail Template
  • Link List Template
  • Two Column Template
  • Shuffle Template
  • Blog Index Template
  • and two Sample Templates to give you an idea of what you can do with the block.

All these Templates can be viewed at www.rynomediaonline.com/concrete5/page-list-title/


Version History:

1.0 - initial release

1.1 - Fixed superfluous closing <</h3> tag in the 'link_list' page type - thanks goes to user Marco5 for identifying this issue.

2.0 - Updated block to work with Concrete5.5.x and now installs page attributes automatically

2.1 - Updated block to work with Concrete5.6.x which required modification to the thumbnail view template

2.2 - Updated the db.xml file so Titles can be longer than 64 characters.

2.3 - Fixed Issue with RSS feed introduced in Concrete5.6.1.x

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