Setup Steps

  1. Create a free Stripe account at
  2. After installing the add-on, visit the Payments with Stripe / Configuration page within you concrete5 dashboard.
  3. Complete the instructions listed on the dashboard page to enter API keys and configure the webhook
  4. Add one or more Payment with Stripe button blocks (categorized under the eCommerce blocks), entering in your product details and prices, as well as configuring your thank you pages.
  5. Test your transactions in test mode, using the card number of 4242 4242 4242 4242, and a valid expiry and CVC
  6. Further configure emails templates and notification settings on the Payments with Stripe /Email Settings dashboard page.
  7. When ready for go-live, activate your Stripe account via Stripe's Dashboard
  8. Enter into the configuraton page for the addon the live API keys, and configure a live wehook CVC, changing the trasnsaction mode to Live
  9. Ensure that your site is operating under https using an SSL certificate - at this point live transactions can take place
  10. Stripe's Checkout page can be customised with branding colours and logos, with the Branding Settings of Stripe's Dashboard 

Important: version 1.3 and above of the add-on requires Stripe API version 2020-08-27 and later to be selected.
Please check the API version in use via your Stripe Dashboard