Version History

v1.34: bug fix for second iframe loaded on external url with iframe mode on 

v1.33: swap order of javascript inclusion in popup load process to make it less likely to throw js error 

v1.32: www fix

v1.31: concrete5.5 styling 

v1.30: chrome scroll fix. 

v1.29: more scrolling stuff. 

v1.28: added anchor link scrolling on fixed height

v1.27: auto-scroll to anchor (only with non-fixed height popup)

v1.26: popup padding fix.

v1.25: removing filter attribute on IE browsers to address anti-aliasing issue after fadein.

v1.24: now includes French and German translations

v1.23: https support.

v1.22: made hiding of underlying select box only happen in IE before version 7, since it's only an older IE bug. 

v1.21: workaround for url encoding issue on ajax services request experienced on some servers

v1.19: added 'popup' event trigger, to provide hooks for other scripts.

v1.16 fixed case sensitivity issue with area names

v1.13: fixes to work with 5.4, for new custom_styles approach, and displaying area layouts within the popup