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Is there an easy way to add a LinkedIn button on the list and details pages in the ProBlog?

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
1) copy /packages/problog/blocks/content/templates/blog_post/view.php & .css over to your root /blocks/content/templates/blog_post/view.php .css
2) after line 36 paste the following:
<span class='st_linkedin_hcount' displayText='LinkedIn'></span>

follow the same pattern for the list block making sure the root view name / folder structure matches the addon. Each list view template is different, but you just need to make sure you paste it in after the conditional logic.

javaprog8432 replied on at Permalink Reply
This worked! Thank you very much!
webadminfl replied on at Permalink Reply
The code worked perfectly for the blog post, but I am having trouble with the list block. You said to put it after the conditional logic ("if" statements?), but I am not doing it right. What line should the code be copied to - and is it the same, exact code?

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