How Do I Do X?

Below is list of common questions and answers you may have.  We hope you find this very helpful.


How do I use this document?

Hit ctrl(cmd) + F on your keyboard to utilize your browser search. Type a term associated to the issue you are having.


How do I change page types?

You don't. While earlier versions of Concrete5 had a heavy theme dependency on page_types, 5.7+ does not.  Page Types are containers that things attach to, but it is Page Templates that now drive the layout. 


How do I Change What Automatically Gets Added to an Event?

From your C5 dashboard toolbar type "Page Types".  Then click on the "output" button for the "Event" Page Type. Then click on the "Edit Defaults" button. Place the page in edit mode and add away!


How do I add new Calendars to my site?

  • click on a page in your site map (or create new one)
  • select attributes
  • search for the "Calendar" attribute and add
  • make sure it is checked and save
  • all done.  you will now see this page as an available calendar when adding new Events

How do I set up dates for 1st & 3rd, 2nd & 4th...ect?

  1. create a new event, and use the multidate option to add your event on the 1st & 3rd days of the current month
  2. set recurring options to "monthly" and set and end date.

that's it!  when you publish the date, it automatically knows that it's the first and third or the second and fourth and will loop through each month until it gets to your recurring end date that you set.


How does ProEvents know what model to use for my custom views?

  • ProEvents has a nifty little engine that knows how many dates to get by the name of your custom block view.
  • simply make sure that your custom block view name has daily, month, or week in the name, and ProEvents will only pull events for that span.
  • all other custom view names will pull all events paginated.


How do I 'not' exclude from nav and null event links?

  • there should never, for any reason be events in your menus.  this would be a catastrophic design and usability failure. dont' do it.
  • because of this, there really is no need for an "exclude from nav".
  • if you have, for example, a dropdown nav and the events are showing in a pull down (which is un-desired), then you should consider one of two things:
    1. creating new section pages underneath the main events page and removing the parent event section attribute from the main events page. then, exclude from nav the new section pages to have no pulldowns.
    2. or, simply exclude from nav the main events page, and rely strictly on sidebar navigation and content area delivery of events via smaller list views or perhaps the small calendar view.

How do I exclude specific dates within a set of generated dates?

  • simply add dates to exclude from your set of recurring events in the "exclude dates" tab
  • any dates in the recurring set that fall on any date in this list will be skipped

What are generated dates?

  • When you add a new event, ProEvents generates one page as a "container" of information about that event, and then all other dates are generated and placed in a static table.  This does two things : 1- keeps page count down in your sitemap, and 2 - reduces redundancy within the Site Search Index
  • You can modify one-off generated dates by accessing the ProEvents "generated dates" dashboard page.  Simple search and edit the title or details.
  • if you mistakenly delete a generated date, you can simply go to the event in ProEvents editor and re-save the event which will re-compile the generated dates for that event.

How do I mark events as booked or available?

  1. Create your event, and mark it for all dates as "available".
  2. go to the "Generated Dates" area of your ProEvents Dashboard area
  3. type in any specific date when ready to mark as "booked". Edit that date, mark as booked and save.