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ProForms - Powerful Extendable Forms

ProForms is a developer friendly concrete5 custom object type utilizing C5’s robust attribute and attribute set architecture. 

Have you ever wished there was a simpler way to take form data and review it to then do things like publish to a page or create a new user from it?

ProForms is designed to go beyond “just a block” and give you the control and flexibility you need over your form data. 

Create conditional question dependencies and display or hide questions based on the answers of other questions.

Or hook into ProForm site-wide events with your own packages , or extend ProForms with custom Question Types.  The possibilities are limitless.


Loaded With Features

Basic Inputs

    • text
    • textarea
    • checkbox
    • radio
    • date/time
    • image/file
    • number
    • select
    • address
    • google autofill single line address field
    • email (email validation )
    • phone (phone validation )
    • regex match (pattern input validation)
    • password ( password field type validated )
Hidden Inputs
    • hidden value
    • hidden page attribute
    • hidden user attribute
    • associated user
    • random generated code
Advanced Inputs
    • multiplex (add "add more" form elements inside of your forms!)
    • validated media ( a multi-file media upload with validated file count, file size, and file types )
    • agreement ( displays link to review agreement text in pop-up window )
Display Elements
    • hr tag
    • display text
    • display title
    • display stack (drop block stacks into forms!)
    • fieldset container
    • css container
    • optional expand
    • stepped form
    • popup form
Administrative Elements
    • status ( an integrated approval status. fires sitewide event “on_form_approve” / deny / pending )
    • publish ( choose page location & page_type to “match” attributes between ProForms and Page location.  Can be set to require approval)
    • register user ( match ProForm questions with matching handle of user attributes and register user.  displays username/email/password and generates user.  can be set to require approval first )
    • auto responder ( sends a composed email to any submitted “email” field type on form submit )
Price Inputs
    • price value (base price of form item)
    • price value enter (allow input of price value)
    • price value fee (add multiple fees & charges by % or $)
    • price select (price based select values)
    • price qty
    • price discount
    • price discount by qty
    • price discount by event span
    • price tax
    • price total
Special Inputs/Integrations
    • Paypal Payment
    • Authorize.net Payment
    • Wepay Payment
    • AJAX Payment (loads in a payment form dynamically)
    • ProEvents Dates (predefined, single date select with times, or multi-date select)

Another Form addon? 

One of the pitfalls of current C5 form solutions is simply the restrictiveness of what you can do with them.  You got what you got and that’s what you get.

And to modify those forms is a painful and nightmarish process that no developer in their right mind find to be well structured or extensible.

ProForms solves these common heartaches by working in a medium that is already familiar to many Concrete5 developers.  Attributes.

By reworking the semantics, adding some layers of improvements, and collaborating with extensive enterprise use and study, RadiantWeb has built a system that is powerful, flexible, and easily extendable.

We are very excited about this package and how much time and money it has saved us and our clients.

We hope you enjoy it, and we hope you extend it!**

**as we have dozens of QuestionTypes and Use Cases under development and in use with our clients, we do ask that any packages extending ProForms simply be requested first. We would not want anyone to feel as though we rip them off if we happen to have something planned to be included with the package or as a separate feature slated for release.

**we welcome any and all contributions/suggestions 

download the ProForms Package Extend Example


Booking & Reservation with ProEvents!



Check out a few videos


Play with the Demo!

Demo ProForms at http://demo.chadstrat.com

user: demo

pass: 123456


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How-to article User Submitted Blog Posts with ProForms & ProBlog - http://goradiantweb.com/blog/technology/user-submitted-blog-posts-proforms/


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