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Recycle Bin

Ever delete a page and wish that you could get it back?  Now you can! This add on lets you un-delete pages!

With this add on pages are first moved to a "Deleted Pages" node in your dashboard before permanent deletion.  You may choose if pages stay for a certain number of pages (say, 30 pages max in the recycle bin) or days (keep pages for a number of days.)  While pages are in the recycle bin you may choose to either delete them permanently or restore them to your main site map.

If you've ever lost content on accident and wish to prevent that from happening again, this is the add on for you!  It will let you undo a page delete by first moving pages to the recycle bin section of the dashboard.  This is really something that everyone can use on their site, you should download a copy today!

Update 12-9-2010 I'm thinking of withdrawing this add on from the marketplace and selling it on my own website for 5 dollars for an unlimited license.  If you like this idea, please leave me a comment here.

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Blogging and Page Management

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Best Suite - Core
Add blog style search/edit/list pages in the dashboard that link to composer.
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Oembed allows you to embed youtube, vimeo, flickr and many other types of content directly in your content and page lists.
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Image Sliders / Page Backgrounds

Vegas Icon

Vegas allows you to add full screen slideshows to your site.
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Place an image from the file manager in the background of your page, stretched to fill the browser window. Resizes with the window and changes orientation for iPhone.
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Attributes Slider
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Video Players

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System Utilities

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Recycle Bin (FREE)
Lets you un-delete pages from the dashboard on sites before version 5.5.
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Herent Config Pages (FREE)
Allows the site administrator to edit any config variable in your site from the dashboard.
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Tutorial Packages

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c5 Boilerplate (FREE)
A detailed, fully commented 'starter' package for concrete5 developers.
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Custom Objects Demo (FREE)
Sample package to create objects, search interfaces, and front end pages.
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