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I like very much this plugin. On my site, it allowed me to install a «private» photo section (for adult eyes only). I like the capability to give an automatic role to the person who is registering for viewing the private section. Then, if I want to create another section with a different role attached to it and the possibility to see more than one private section?

The scenario:
- A private section for adult content. Say Section A.
- Several private sections for viewing a specific photo album (like an individual shoot, a wedding album for the client, etc. Say Sections B, C, D...
- What if a viewer of section B wants to view Section A? Or an already registered member of Section A has to see section B?

In fact, it is all about a profile panel showing what is accessible for the user. Sections B, C and the likes won't never be public and not advertised, while section A is advertised on the site.

Am I making me clear? Not sure ;-)

The actual site is here: (section Photographies)

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