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Thanks for the addon.

Unfortunately, what I need is a registration form on my home page that uses the "email for login" option and also includes additional registration attributes added via the dash under User Attributes - which is how I added them to the standard site registration form.

I was hoping this would at minimum repeat the customization options available on the standard C5 Reg form, being sold on the concept presented that this would offer more flexibility and control than that standard form.

Any chance you would be adding these two functions to your addon anytime soon?

Thank you.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply

This add-on supports that the "Email Login" feature but only if it's set globally (Dashboard > Systems & Settings > Login & Registration). Or do you want it set in the block interface?

PhilYoung replied on at Permalink Reply
I have this block working exactly this way on my site: Some additional custom options set up in the dashboard and using email to login. It works well.
uswebdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you both for your response.

I had seen in the settings for the block for this addon under the Help tab, "The core settings that are not overridden are: 'Use emails for login' and 'Enable OpenID'.".

Also, I did use the dashboard to set the site globally to "Use emails for login", but when I put the registration form on the website, the Username is still requested and required to register, which I assumed would not be the case as with the C5 registration form in this case.

The main reason I want to use email address for login is so that I do not have to ask users to create a username for this specific website. Is there a setting I am missing that would remove the Username field and make the system create a unsername automatically for the user for the systems records?

And as for the registration form missing the additional attributes - my mistake. I had put it into a sidebar and the form did not fit and the site did not show them off to the side. I thought they were not included. I see now I just need to modify the CSS.

uswebdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
Woops! I realize that I had to modify the standard C5 registeration page to remove the username and have it auto generated. I totally forgot that I had done this a week ago.

Reference thread with support for anyone looking for it:

So perhaps I could change my request for support on how I could tweak your addon to accomplish the same task? What I did to change the registration login page was:

Modified Registration form - auto generate username and remove from Registration form
• Copied register.php from concrete/controllers/register.php to controllers/register.php
• Uncommented lines 18-22 and commented line 24
• line 43 replace $username = $_POST['uName']; with $username = time();
jb1 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

Based on the modifications made the equivalent file is this

and the lines are here:

For 18-22 => 56-60
For 43 => 54

Does that help?

uswebdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
FYI - for anyone else reading this, I did not find the changes at the lines stated above, but found them on line 121 and 297 and changed them as such:

• Commented line 121
• line 297 replace
$username = $_POST['uName'];
$username = time();
uswebdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
The second change referenced above is now line 307 in the newer version of this addon, v1.3.2.

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