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Review posted by martindb on at

Rounded Corners

OMG Best ever add-on. Thanks you. Watched video, followed your guidance and hey, there it was!

Great add-on. Now, how do I add an image to left side of block as per your example with the planet floating below the block? Please assume I know nothing. :)

Review posted by tifoster on at

Completely worth it!

I used this add-on with the Gradient + Shadow On Anything add-on and quickly came up with this beautiful page:

This will be a staple add-on for me!
Review posted by PPPills on at

great support - does what it says - well worth it.

I had trouble with the add-on at first because my site is not connected to the community ( long - horribly boring story about changing hosting sites) and so I had to manually install the add-on. It was there, but not working. JB was really helpful and together we were able to work through the problem. It turned out to be how the permissions were set on the install.
Summary: Works great and does what it says... really love how I don't have to put images in the background of my blocks if I want a simple rounded corner. Beautiful.
Review posted by fowlesp on at

Does Exactly what it says on the tin...

Yes, with some time, effort and research you can probably do this yourself; but this add-one efficient cuts to the chase at a very reasonable price... if we could just get a Gradient Fill add-on...
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Excellent time saving addon

This addon is great! Saves time and creates an very nice efffect on blocks, images and pages. It also works on IE which is always a problem.
Review posted by InSynch on at

Excellent rounded corners solution

Work great in all browsers, and the fact it works for Internet Explorer as well is especially handy!
Review posted by gothold on at

Works like a charm

This add-on saves time and effort. Very little technical skill is needed (in my case I only added one statement to my main.css to paint a white background on my themes page-class, to distinguish it from the background. see it at
Review posted by tallacman on at

Works on Images, too

Contrary to what you may read in these reviews, this will style the corners of images as seen here:

Take that Internet Explorer!
Review posted by Styves on at

Really Great! I'm suprised.

This addon saves me a lot of times and contribute to add this little touch on our website that make a big difference at the final result. I'm still a newbie in CSS, nevertheless, It gives us a more professional style globally. The price is more than reasonable and the support as a lightning. I recommend it without any hesitation.

Cheers to his designer. Keep the good work.
Review posted by ptheis on at

Exactly what I needed!

Solves a very real basic problem - how to get round corners on (nearly) anything. We thought we were all set "going on our own" and creating round corners with CSS3. Little did we know that only works with the latest versions of firefox/chrome.

With this handy add on, CSS3 is used for browsers which support that technique, and it falls back on (javascript I think) to put round corners on ANYTHING when using IE or older browsers which dont support CSS3/webkit. This makes cross browser support for round corners nearly trivial!

Most important benefit: clients LOVE it!

All in all highly recommended and well worth the price.
Review posted by rams on at

Works well

I used a template which had some rounded corners in it. This add-on was great to highlight blocks and easily match to the template design. I am no programmer or developer as such so these type of add-ons are great to help you get the look of a website the way you want it.
Review posted by invision on at

Very convenient add-on

A question for every C5 based site developer is: do I manually embed code in my site, develop my own add-on, or just buy one in the market?

With this add-on, it's a no-brainer. Adding rounded corners that work in most browsers and on most page elements (unfortunately, doesn't work on images, but does work on background images) is relatively easy. You add this block anywhere on the page (usually in an unobtrusive spot) then select named or classed divs to add the curved corners.

The best part, it's easy enough for the client to use. What could be better?

It's pretty flawless, but I have to ding it 1 star for not working on images.
Review posted by engagingit on at


This plugin works brilliantly an costs very little really.

These sort of blocks really help to save time when looking to put sites together quickly so thanks.
Review posted by novologic on at

Very Nice

This block has saved me a ton of time. The support has been outstanding. I highly recommend this block for anyone looking around :)

Yes, Well worth the $15
Review posted by tallacman on at

Long Name for a Cool Block

Im a big fan of round corners (and box shadow) because it’s a cool effect. But when using the CSS3 selectors for Mozilla and Webkit you understand this will not show on IE. Now you could write your javascript functions to handle this but with this inexpensive block you can keep designing and have RCOA (Round Corners on Anything block) handle the 'heavy lifting'.

I've tested it on images, class named images and list items and it works very well. I have a demo and review set up for anybody that is interested at:

Well, worth the $15.

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