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Rounded Image Corners

All the procedes I receive from this block will be going
to the UK charity Help For Heroes.


This block adorns images corners with up to 19 different styles....

see http://www.malsup.com/jquery/corner/ 'available patterns' for more corner styles....

Don't use a background image in the parent. The adorned element effect sets pixels on the corners to the same color as the parent element. Those pixels are not transparent and will not show any background image that is used in the parent element.

 Update 1.2...

  • Fixed an incorrect style
  • Added two new styles (dogfold & bevelfold)
  • Added ability to choose which corners to style
  • Improved the Add & Edit interfaces
  • Updated jquery.corner script

 Update 1.3...

  • Fixed Incompatibility Issue With C5 V5.4.0.5

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