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Simple Accordion

What It Does:

The simple accordion tool is great for websites that have lots of content (i.e. pages and pages or FAQ's). The block interface is very intuitive and simple to use. You can add as many accordion buttons as you'd like, associate content with each button pane using the built-in C5 WYSIWYG editor and sort your content areas by dragging. It also has a variety of display settings. Check out the screen shots!

The view has been styled very minimally with organized CSS making custom styling a breeze. In most cases however, the default style should fit your needs. This block comes bundled with a "Dark" template as well.

Looking for tabs? Check out my Simple Tabs add-on. Same interface, different settings.

Important note: Users installing on Concrete v5.6.3.1 should download version 0.9.3. Users installing on versions of Concrete v5.6.3 and below should download version 0.9.2.

What It Does NOT Do:

This block does not enable you to add individual block elements to your accordion areas. Anything you can do with the C5 content editor you can do here. In the majority of cases, this is all you'll need.



Sales have ended due to EOL

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