Block duplicate function has a serious bug

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public function duplicate in block controller sends wrong array values. So if i made any custom template and select that template block values for items in btVividSimpleSlide becomes null.

function should be changed for row values instead of args like:

public function duplicate($newBID) {
        $db = Loader::db();
        $v = array($this->bID);
        $q = 'select * from btVividSimpleSlide where bID = ?';
        $r = $db->query($q, $v);
        while ($row = $r->FetchRow()) {
            $vals = array(

Being said that, thanks for sharing this block as a feed add-on.

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MichaelG replied on at Permalink Reply
Whoops! You are correct. Thanks for pointing that out. Just pushed an update with that fix.

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