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Simple Soundcloud Player

What does this bloc do:

It's only a simple widget integrator based on soundcloud API to let you share some soundcloud tracks, playlists, users or sets in your web site directly with the sharing url of the sound.

this block is avalaible in French, English. The .pot file is in anguage folder if you want to translate it in another languages.

How to install:

You must run a C5.5.x release to be able to install this block. Simply because it use the new ccm-ui bootstrap styles used by Conrete 5.5.x.

Simply, like any other packages of Concrete5, from the market place, or by downloading and uploading it to your /packages folder on your website root.

How to configure:

It's very simple, just go to soundcloud and copy the URL to share. You can use the standard or short URL as you want !!

After, go back to your site and add the Simple SOundcloud Player block to your page, and you'll see the edit panel.


You just have to:

1. Paste the url in the Shared URL field.

2. Choose your player type. You have the same choice as on Soundcloud: Standard, Mini, Artwork, or HTML5.

Like on soundcloud, when you have special parameters available on the player type you'll be prompted to set them.

3. Set the general parameters at the botom of the block form.

That's all folks :)


Demo and Doc:


This block is free, if you like it you can make a donation to help the french Concrete5 to develop more quality free addons and theme. Our free addons have the same quality and technical support as the non free one released before.

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