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Simultaneous Login Killer

Do you sell access to premium content and are concerned about users sharing their account with others?
Simultaneous Login Killer (SiLK) automatically logs out users who use the same account at the same time, making it much harder to share access to your premium content.

This is how it works:

  • User A logs in as "userA". A session ID "SessionA" (simplified example) is created and saved.
  • User B logs in as "userA". A session ID "SessionB" (simplified example) is created and saved, overwriting "SessionA".
  • User A tries to load a page on your site, SiLK catches that and logs User A out.
  • User B can browse around the site as normal... unless...
  • User A logs in again as "userA". Their new session ID, SessionC is stored and overwrites SessionB.
  • Now user B will be logged out if they load another page.
  • Every time User A or User B is logged out the number of logout is recorded.

And then you have the deactivation option. When things get out of hand you can first show a warning. If that's not enough, the system can automatically deactivate the user account (deactivate not delete)

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The icons included with the add-on are from IconDock.com


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