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PLEASE NOTE: tcPhotoGallery is no longer supported.

tcPhotoGallery is an advanced photo gallery add-on package for Concrete5 that supports  the efficient display of hundreds or even thousands of photos.

The emphasis of this add-on is the support of huge photo galleries and the ability to search on a multitude of attributes assigned to each photo. Photos may be assigned to categories and assigned attributes. Photos may be searched and filtered on by category, attributes, title, description, and reference number.

An important part of tcPhotoGallery is a new Concrete5 Dashboard page that allows you to import and export file attributes from an XML file.  If you have hundreds of files that you want to include in a tcPhotoGallery, you don't have to worry about thousands of mouse clicks and page reloads to enter all the data.  You just import your files as file sets, set up the attribute types you want users to be able to search on, enter your attribute data into an XML file, and click "Import".

tcPhotoGallery supports many features including:

  • Concrete5 File Sets (categories)
  • Concrete5 Custom File Attributes (attributes)
  • Customizable Photo Gallery Block
  • Customizable Category/Search Filter Block
  • Customizable Thumbnail block for displaying gallery thumbnails anywhere on the page
  • A new File Attribute Import/Export dashboard page for easily importing data for hundreds of photos
  • Filter photos by category
  • Filter photos by multiple attributes
  • Search photos by title, description, and tags
  • Search photos by keyword
  • Search photos by reference number
  • Specify an order for photos to be displayed in
  • Custom 'Overlay' template for easy to implement, nice looking photo galleries with overlays
  • Zoom mode
  • Basic functionality works with or without javascript enabled

To view sample galleries please visit:


A tutorial file with the all the photos, XML files and full instructions for setting up the example gallery above is available from:


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