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This looks good. The only real benefit to me for implementing it is if my customers benefit from making the referral - otherwise, in my business, they won't bother. Maybe your add-on can be used with another add-on to do this? Or maybe your add-on already does this? The way I see it working is the forwarded "friend" email is saved inside the logged-in user's properties, and the forwarded "friend" is saved as a user with the referrer's email. That way, whomever logs in can see if their referrals are about to warrant them a reward (for doing business with us). And when the referred logs in and actually places an order then that credit goes towards the person who referred them to us.

Hopefully that makes sense. I can't image it's anything really new as this type of thing has existed for a long time - in the real world. Can you advise as to whether this can be done with your add-on, or in conjunction with another add-on?

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