Version History


  • PHP 8 Ready


  • Fixed a namespace issue introduced by concrete 9.1.1


  • Concrete CMS v9 ready


  • Added a fix to stop retina.js from trying to load non-existent @2x images


  • Modified CSS to make thumbnails width flexible on small screens


  • Better CSS namespacing for all templates to avoid clashes with default style


  • Fixed a little issue with CSS in 2 templates


  • Added the possibility to display the file-set name instead of the image's title for single thumbnail galleries


  • Added the possibility to display only one thumbnail


  •  Fix to deal with the JS being called twice when the block is added to a stack


  • Fix to deal with a C5 8.5.0 bug when the block is added to a stack


  • Modified DB table schema to be compatible with C5 8.5.0


  • The artist grid template will now correctly center when showing only 1 column on small screens


  • Enhancement: The gallery now takes into account the new Thumbnail Types settings that limit them to specific file sets (C5 8.4.0+)


  • Enhancement: Closing the overlay and giving HTML its scrollbar back won't make the overlay jump left anymore
  • Enhancement: Made optional some color values that were set too aggressively
  • Enhancement: Added aria-hidden to the overlay


  • Enhancement: added a background color for the overlay's controls
  • Bug Fix: Corrected a small typo


  • Enhancement: Much smoother sliding animation on all machines
  • Enhancement: Better CSS only spinner with possibility to select between 2 styles
  • Enhancement: The slider is put back in place after closing so if it's open again, it doesn't show a long sliding motion at first.
  • Enhancement: You can now use HTML in your images' description fields and the gallery will recognize it automatically and display it accordingly. Normal text strings will be wrapped in a paragraph tag.
  • Enhancement: Added light and dark icon sets and possibility to set a hover color for the controls
  • Enhancement: Added possibility to set the overlay's background color and transparency
  • Enhancement: Improved general accessibility a lot
  • Bug Fix: The time to hide full-screen close button and captions was not taken into account properly
  • Bug Fix: it was not possible to use the Artist Grid template twice on the same page.


  • Enhancement: stopped the closing button animation from triggering the untimely removal of the overlay


  • Enhancement: animations on first load are now smooth so the images fade in
  • Enhancement: the gallery now waits for the end of the overlay's fading animation to hide it out of page


  • Enhancement: better handling of first image load to avoid flickering
  • Enhancement: added several event triggers on gallery opening and open, closing and closed


  • Bugfix: Images were not preloading correctly on next and previous
  • Enhancement: 2 images will be preloaded instead of 1


  • Modified CSS for Touch Gallery's Polaroid template to better align thumbnail captions vertically


  • Namespaced all class names that were not already namespaced to avoid styling and other conflicts


  • Fixed collapsing parent with Touch Gallery's Artist Grid template
  • Made the Artist Grid rendering faster


  • Fixed a little problem on saving


  • Added an option to use thumbnail types to resize images (much faster)
  • Added an option to have retina thumbnails
  • Fixed templates to always respect thumbnail sizes
  • Improved add/edit interface


  • Fix a little issue where the loading spinner would not appear every 3 slides


  • Improved performance to make it even smoother on slower systems and connexions


  • Modified so no left-over image is shown when re-opening the overlay after closing it


  • Modified so arrows don't show in one image galleries


  • Fixed a bug with ie11


  • Added an option to hide arrows when reaching the end or beginning of the slide
  • Added an option to browse the slides in a loop
  • Improved performance especially on mobile


  • Enhanced several templates for better effect
  • Added a new template Circled Tech
  • Removed TITLE attribute from links as not needed for SEO or accessibility since image ALT attribute is used instead


  • Line breaks in images descriptions were not respected. Fixed it.


  • Fixed some small CSS issues on labels


  • Fully v8 compatible
  • Added and removed several Social icons from Social Icons Reloaded (SoundCloud, Github, Spotify, Stack Overflow...)


  • Added French Translation


  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.1.4 where full-screen images would appear in the wrong order
  • Added image index in the event hook


  • Fixed a little bug in CSS that was hiding thumbnail captions with the default view


  • Added event triggered on image view for use with Google Analytics or other scripts
  • Added 9 new templates


  • Improved some labels in editing screen (thanks @prestressed)
  • Modified the CSS to not output anything in :after in sleek theme (weird alignment on some iPad versions)


  • Set margin and padding for full-screen images to 0 because some theme styles were interfering (fruitful)


  • Corrected a bug due to view running twice (???)
  • Got rid of a tool and replaced with controller action
  • Corrected a little problem in the sleek template


  • Made Touch Gallery ready for PHP7


  • Corrected a bug that made certain image links non-clickable on mobile in certain browsers (Chrome on Android)


  • Corrected a bug that prevented thumbnail captions from showing


  • Corrected a bug that made Touch Gallery work badly in latest iOS (8.3 and above)
  • Added Sleek, a Touch Gallery template with a sexier, more modern design
  • Added Japanese social networks to Social Icons Reloaded block


  • Corrected a bug that prevented the gallery to work on certain touch screens with templates using an img tag instead of a background image for thumbs
  • Added Social Icons Reloaded block exclusively for users of Touch Gallery


  • Corrected a small bug that made a tap fire twice on certain touch devices (Galaxy S3). That would make the slideshow jump an image on every tap.


  • Moved inline CSS and JS from header and footer to around the block to go around a C5 caching bug
  • Modified minimum C5 version required to due to another caching bug that prevented arrows, closing cross, and spinner to show up.
  • Modified the block's icon to something prettier of the proper size