Basic Usage & FAQ

Getting Set Up

  1. Go to Dashboard > System & Settings > Permission & Access > Under Construction
  2. Select the Page you wish to have visitors redirected to
  3. Go to Dashboard > System & Settings > Permission & Access > Task Permissions
  4. Use the Bypass Construction Page to select users and groups that should see the entire site

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How do I disable the redirection?
    A: Assign the Guest group to the Bypass Construction Page Task Permission
  2. Q: I get an error saying the site is not redirecting properly
    A: Make sure you are not setting the page to redirect to a page that redirects to a different page as this will cause a redirect loop.
  3. Q: I would like to see feature X added
    A: Awesome, suggestions and contributions are how software improves. The source code is licensed under the MIT license and is available on Github if you are a developer and would like to make some changes yourself. If not feel free to send me a private message here on, email me at or open a ticket on Github and I'll see what I can do.