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URL Director

URL Director was designed from the ground up to handle bad URL/URI requests coming into your site in many different ways with an easy to use interface.

Most concrete5 sites are created for sites that already exist, such as a branding refresh or a move over to concrete5 from a legacy cms.  These migrations will invariably leave you with broken links from search engines, forums and to images.

Traditionally these are very painful to manage using complex mod-rewrite rules that in themselves aren't flexible enough or easily updated.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have pretty URLs enabled. On concrete 5.5.1 you can enable these at: /dashboard/system/seo/urls  If you can visit yoursite.com/dashboard then you are good to go.

Url director allows matching of paths such as:

  • /blog
  • /blog/2011/8/2/post-title
  • /blog/* (this will match any url that is "past" the asterisk)
  • /blog?id=230

URL Director will examine and log all URLs that come into your site that would result in a 404 page and put them in an easy to use dashboard interface. From there you select how you want to handle the urls, here are the current options:

1.) Redirect Internally to a page you select
2.) Render an internal page in place of the existing url
3.) Redirect to an external site.
4.) Redirect to a resource(image,pdf).
5.) Redirect to an internal path (PagePath + request action)

URL Director also lets you set the header for most of the above options with sensible defaults.

You can also use this add-on to generate short URLs to files, pages or external sites!

301 Redirects are especially useful for search engines to tell them where to look for your new content after a site migration.

You can also easily test any URL mapping actions right from the dashboard!.

This addon has built in documentation with liberal use of helpful tooltips and popovers.

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Sales have ended due to EOL

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