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Version Online Time Schedule

An intuitive and user-friendly way to schedule the live time of page versions. Manage specific versions of a page to go online and offline at a choosen time and date.

No more struggling with timed guest access of blocks or areas which is quite confusing. Just create your new version of a page as it should look like and set the time when it is supposed to go online. Then publish it.
The new version will only go live at the time you specified.

Works fine with simple permissions. No need for turning on advanced permissions.

Handle your versions' online time in a graphical panel which displays clearly when a version of a page is due to go live.

Easy access via an icon in the edit bar which also shows if the live view of a page depends on online timeframes.

The perfect tool for seasonal modifications like christmas and eastern versions, or special promotions.

The add-on is closing the gap between scheduling the live time of areas and entire pages by giving you the possibility to set the online time of page versions. This is the level of control most people are used to and expect. It's what makes most sense for unexperienced users and life easier for experienced.

Simply define a timeframe for a version of a page specifying the time period the version is supposed to be visible. Now this version will only be shown if the current time is in the timeframe.

If the current time lies outside the timeframe, the next recent approved version will be shown. If in this version is an online timeframe defined as well, the process starts all over again until an approved version is found which has no timeframes defined or a timeframe fits the current time.

Add as many timeframes as you want to a version until all necessary online time is scheduled.

Works even with Full Page Caching enabled. For more on this visit the documentation.

Combine the Version Online Time Schedule and the flexible creation of news and blog entries done by the News & Blog Feed add-on with this Special Offer on Timed News & Blog Feed.


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