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Thank you very much for releasing this block for free!

I am trying to create and populate one item in the accordion, using C5.7's API.

As an example, this works for the simple (built-in) "content" block:
$block = \BlockType::getByHandle('content');
$data = array( 'content' => $attributes['rawhtml'], );
$page->addBlock($block, 'Main', $data);

So, for your block I have tried:
$block = \BlockType::getByHandle('vivid_simple_accordion');
$data = array(
    'title' => array('One title'),
    'description' => array('Its description'),
    'state' => array('closed'),
$page->addBlock($block, 'Main', $data);

and the block gets created but no items in it. When viewed on page it says:
"You did not add any items to the accordion."

Could you please let me know what is the correct form of the $data for this to work?

Thanks a lot,


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csebe replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi again,

no worries, I got it.


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