Capability to set number of items for different devices
Lightbox (touch enabled)
Carousel generator at Dashboard
Testimonial (Quote Rotator)
Add Header/Description/Link (External, Internal) for every slide
Image Size: Width And Height
items: This variable allows you to set the maximum amount of items displayed at a time with the widest browser width
Items Desktop: This allows you to preset the number of slides visible with a particular browser width. The format is [x,y] whereby x=browser width and y=number of slides displayed. For example [1199,4] means that if(window<=1199){ show 4 slides per page} Alternatively use itemsDesktop: false to override these settings.
itemsDesktopSmall: As above.
itemsTablet: As above.
itemsTabletSmall: As above. Default value is disabled.
itemsMobile: As above
singleItem: Display only one item. See demo
itemsScaleUp: Option to not stretch items when it is less than the supplied items. See demo
slideSpeed: Slide speed in milliseconds
paginationSpeed: Pagination speed in milliseconds
rewindSpeed: Rewind speed in milliseconds
autoPlay: Change to any integer for example autoPlay : 5000 to play every 5 seconds. If you set autoPlay: true default speed will be 5 seconds.
stopOnHover: Stop autoplay on mouse hover
navigation: Display "next" and "prev" buttons.
navigationText: You can customize your own text for navigation.
rewindNav: Slide to first item. Use rewindSpeed to change animation speed.
scrollPerPage: Scroll per page not per item. This affect next/prev buttons and mouse/touch dragging.
pagination: Show pagination.
paginationNumbers: Show numbers inside pagination buttons
responsive: You can use Owl Carousel on desktop-only websites too! Just change that to "false" to disable resposive capabilities
responsiveRefreshRate: Check window width changes every 200ms for responsive actions
lazyLoad: Delays loading of images. Images outside of viewport won't be loaded before user scrolls to them. Great for mobile devices to speed up page loadings. IMG need special markup class="lazyOwl" and data-src="your img path".
lazyFollow: When pagination used, it skips loading the images from pages that got skipped. It only loads the images that get displayed in viewport. If set to false, all images get loaded when pagination used. It is a sub setting of the lazy load function.
lazyEffect: Default is fadeIn on 400ms speed. Use false to remove that effect.
autoHeight: Add height to owl-wrapper-outer so you can use different heights on slides. Use it only for one item per page setting.
dragBeforeAnimFinish: Ignore whether a transition is done or not (only dragging).
mouseDrag: Turn off/on mouse events.
touchDrag: Turn off/on touch events.
addClassActive: Add "active" classes on visible items. Works with any numbers of items on screen.
transitionStyle: Add CSS3 transition style. Works only with one item on screen.
Carousel Bg Color
Items Bg Color
Items font Color
Option to randomize sliders
Button designer