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Updated C5 and the theme from c5.6 to c5.8.4 and got some errors.

I changed the following files in the theme:

Line 7: use \Concrete\Core\Foundation\Object; > use \Concrete\Core\Foundation\ConcreteObject;
Line 26: class MclOptions extends Object > class MclOptions extends ConcreteObject

Line 88: Replace count($ni->blocks) with $displayOrder

Removed line 18 > 33

Line 591: Replace ($key == count($fIDs)-1)) with ($displayOrder))

Not sure if it fixes everything. Also depends on what you use probably. Hopefully it works for you guys!

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binoy replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for the post.

In my case, the CK Editor is not working if the "Font colors from Anitya" and Sippets from Anitya" are selected in the Rich Text Options.

Any idea? Thanks in advance.
iMattmax replied on at Permalink Reply
Will there be an update soon?

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