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I've set up the full install of the Cariad template which is working well except for a few things:
1) I can't find the way to set up the masonry gallery. It doesn't show up in the page options or block options.
2) If I am able to set up the masonry gallery, can it be set up to have images zoom rather than link to another page?
3) I set up a footer navigator and a FB link but it only appears on the homepage even though it's in global blocks. How is that fixed?
4) I want to eliminate the space between the menu bar and the banner image. How is this easily done?

Appreciate any help!

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pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply

1 and 2. I think from what you’re describing (images not linking to pages), you may want to use a gallery add on from the concrete5 marketplace. The Cariad theme does not have a gallery included and the masonry styling is just for the portfolio and blog page list templates.

Concrete5 gallery addons

You can use the documentation in the Cariad package folder page 23 or refer to it here for instructions on the portfolios and blogs.

To use masonry for portfolio
Click on your page list > choose "Design and custom template", click on the gear icon and choose "Cariad Portfolio Masonry" Click "save".

To use masonry for blog
Click on your page list > choose "Design and custom template", click on the gear icon and choose "Cariad Blog Masonry" Click "save".

3. The content needs to be in the sitewide editable areas to show on every page. If you click on the pencil icon to put your page in edit mode, you can remove what you have there and try adding it again. Click on the content you’ve added > choose “copy to clipboard” then delete the content. Then you can add it again and see if that works – just make sure you add it to either Sitewide Footer 1, 2, or 3. Click on the area in edit mode > add block > choose clipboard > click on the content you’ve just added to the clipboard > click on the pencil > publish changes.

4. The space between the menu and the banner is a border that goes all around the page. If you want to get rid of this border, you can use this CSS (you may need to tweak some more styles).
@media (min-width:767px) {
div.ccm-page .cariad-main-section {
   margin: 136px 0px 0px;

While logged into your site, click on the cog icon (top left of the dashboard) > Design > Customise. Then scroll down to the bottom on the left panel until you see "Custom CSS". Click on the cog icon next to Custom CSS, add the CSS above and click save.

Alternatively, you can change the appropriate theme CSS files, but then you need to keep the changes saved locally as well in order that you can upload the file again when new theme updates overwrite your modified file. The border is in miscellaneous.less which is located here:

Thanks, Jennifer

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