Encant can be installed over existing data or on a clean install. Installing over Elemental will give you the sitename and the autonav already in place. Otherwise the designated areas for these are clear in the left sidebar area. In either case you will need to choose a custome template for the autonav block. This theme supplies the cryptically named "Slicknav" as a template option. Choose this one to have your sidebar and autonav configured correctly on smaller screens.

If your navigation is set to display all pages all the time you will have a cosmetically beautiful flyout menu on hover. The colors are based on the left sidebar area automatically.

Customization on Encant is simplified. Header and body fonts are adjustable to any regular web font. Roboto is the base font called from Google Fonts.

Additional customization parameters are:

  • Sitename Color
  • Left Sidebar Color
  • Main Background Color - this is where all your content will go
  • Accent Color - This will be your navigation highlight and the atractive 3 pixel line down the sidebar on the right, as well as some other stuff your discover.
  • Main Link Color - Links in the main area
  • Main Link Hover Color - ibid
  • Nav Link Color
  • Nav Link Hover Color
  • Form Button Color - button colors (like 'submit')
  • Form Button Text Color
  • Form Button Hover Color
  • Form Button Hover Text Color