Version History

1.3.1 - Updated logo area to display Site Name stack if it exists, otherwise to display site name.

1.3 - 05/22/2012 - Updated home page slider to work with stacks. Fixed bouncing issue with dropdowns in main menu. Updated ProBlog post page type to implement trackback and disqus area functionality.

1.2.1 - 12/20/11 - Fixed header and background position when logged in with editing rights in concrete5.5.

1.2 - Added check to see if page types are already installed before installing them. Added blog_entry.php (default Blog) and pb_post.php (for ProBlog) page types as well as styling for them. Fixed problem with main nave dropdowns being visible at first page load. Added border:none to .button style. Removed stylings for tables. Fixed issue with home page slider arrows not showing up in IE7.

1.1 - Changed #page div to #container because of conflicts with Page page type. Changed color of text in Header Top area.

1.0 - Initial Release