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!! NOTICE !!

Due to the abuse of the license of this theme the orignal developer, OS Templates, has requested that it no longer be readily available from the Concrete5 Market Place. Our deepest apologies.

!! NOTICE !!


This is the "School Education" Open Source CSS Template is based on a Fixed Width layout with 2 Columns and uses an XHTML 1.0 Transitional doctype. It is a Dark on Light design developed by "Open Source Templates" (click the link to see the original css template).

Features a custom template for the search block. A custom template for the Login block. (The 'login' block has to be added seperately from the Market Place).

Also features a jquery sliding box from the top of the page. Includes 'home' - 'right_sidebar' - and 'full width' page types with customizable styles. Even the blue backgrounds of the feature area are changeable.

Link to OS Templates must remain in the footer.

Full Demo at www.rynomediaonline.com

Update version 2.0

  • fixed issue with customizable styles
  • tweaked code for 'Site Name' to allow for a logo from the global block.

Update version 2.1

  • Added blog_entry page type for use with the core blog.

Update Version 2.2

  • Site Name and Header Nav adjusted for use with Concrete 5.5.x and the use of stacks instead of blocks.
  • added a new page type called 'feature' that is a mirror of the existing 'home' page type except it only uses one editable area in the featured zone instead of two.

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