It overlaps the slideshow and obscures the images, it does not stay next to the logo on the right

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I bought the Theme Pixel2 for a customer. Sales reason was the sticky navigation. Now we went online, but the navigation does not look as expected. It overlaps the slideshow and obscures the images, it does not stay next to the logo on the right, and for a large webpage like ours, the line spacing is too big between the navigation of the first line and the navigation on the second line.
See the screenshot: 1. Uploadet File
I need quick and urgent help on how to set the navigation so that it is next to the logo, the line spacing is smaller and does not overlap the slideshow. Thank you.

Example as we imagined from another website:
Screenshot: 2. Uploaded File (it's not concrete5, Pixel2 Project)

I've also tried for the transition period to set the navigation as it appears on the phone, but not synonymous.

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shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
There are a number of options in the Pixel Options page for changing the way main navigation works/looks. You should check those options including 'Header Type', 'Sticky Options', 'Navigation Left/Right Padding (px)' etc. You can also place the slider behind navigation with a transparent menu or display it below the navigation, all possible via options.
What I can tell you from the sent screenshots is that you cannot have that many items in the navigation because the Pixel does not support this kind of multiline navigation. What you can do is categorized them appropriately in 5-6 main items and use the second/third level for your menu items. Or you can put them all in a mega menu.
If you needed any help to organize and set up your menu send me your site credential via private msg and I will help you with that.

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max_input_nesting_level - 64
max_input_time - 256
max_input_vars - 8192
memory_limit - 128M
post_max_size - 260M
sql.safe_mode - Off
upload_max_filesize - 256M
mssql.max_links - Unlimited
mssql.max_persistent - Unlimited
mssql.max_procs - Unlimited
mssql.textlimit - Server default
mysql.max_links - Unlimited
mysql.max_persistent - Unlimited
mysqli.max_links - Unlimited
mysqli.max_persistent - Unlimited
pcre.backtrack_limit - 1000000
pcre.recursion_limit - 100000
session.cache_limiter - <i>no value</i>
session.gc_maxlifetime - 7200
soap.wsdl_cache_limit - 5
suhosin.cookie.max_array_depth - 50
suhosin.cookie.max_array_index_length - 64
suhosin.cookie.max_name_length - 64
suhosin.cookie.max_totalname_length - 256
suhosin.cookie.max_value_length - 10000
suhosin.cookie.max_vars - 100
suhosin.executor.include.max_traversal - 0
suhosin.executor.max_depth - 750
suhosin.get.max_array_depth - 500
suhosin.get.max_array_index_length - 640
suhosin.get.max_name_length - 128
suhosin.get.max_totalname_length - 512
suhosin.get.max_value_length - 2048
suhosin.get.max_vars - 8192
suhosin.log.phpscript.is_safe - Off
suhosin.memory_limit - 0 - 50000 - 6400 - 256 - 4096 - 20971520 - 64000
suhosin.request.max_array_depth - 64000
suhosin.request.max_array_index_length - 6400
suhosin.request.max_totalname_length - 256
suhosin.request.max_value_length - 20971520
suhosin.request.max_varname_length - 256
suhosin.request.max_vars - 64000
suhosin.session.max_id_length - 128
suhosin.upload.max_newlines - 100
suhosin.upload.max_uploads - 250

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