Temporary solution for multilingual setup for main menu search

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It will be great help for us if multiple target page can be selected for search result page for multilingual websites.

Multilingual websites should have two or more search page because Concrete5 only shows search results per language. So, we have to utilize respective search page for each language.

Main menu search function of PIXEL2 theme is brilliant. However, it doesn't work well in multilingual websites because only one the target page for searches can be defined in the option page.

Temporarily, I duplicated pixel_main_menu.php template for each language respectively and put page id for each language's search page to the line 260 and it works well.

$search->controller->postTo_cID = $search_page

$search->controller->postTo_cID = '100'

Thank you.

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shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanx for the heads up, we will think about a better solution on upcoming versions.

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