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Does anyone else have the problem where the page selected to link to only shows like a pretty url(www.sitename.com/page) instead of normal(www.sitename.com/index.php/page) I can't have the CTA link until I give the site pretty urls and I don't know if that will be possible yet. Also why can't you set a link manually so it isn't restricted to the site it's on (Link out)

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DominicWhiteStudio replied on at Permalink Reply
Power Slider Lite has the same limitation, but this work around may work for you too... In the sitemap i took a page that was hidden from my navigation and selected "add external link". Then i was able to select that in my Slider control panel. The only draw back is the open in new window option didn't work. I know it's not ideal, but I hope that at least wors as a temporary solution.
pakigreenl replied on at Permalink Reply
Would you mind explaining a little more? I'm not sure I quite follow.

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