CTAs are not incrementing from the function.js

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I need assistance as to why the CTA are not incrementing. (adding class="cta1" for example)

Here is the script from Firebug:

<div id="ctaShell">
<div class="cta">
<span class="ctaTitle">test1</span>
<span class="ctaDesc">sfasdfsdfsdf</span>
<span class="ctaDesc1">sdfasdfsadfsadfs</span>
<a href="/customer-info/">asfsdfsdfsd</a>
<div class="cta">
<span class="ctaTitle">asfsdfs</span>
<span class="ctaDesc">dfsdfsdfs</span>
<span class="ctaDesc1">dfsdfsdf</span>
<a href="/our-staff/">sfsdfsdf</a>
<div class="cta">
<span class="ctaTitle">sfsdfsdf</span>
<span class="ctaDesc">sdfsdfsdf</span>
<span class="ctaDesc1">sdfsdfsd</span>
<a href="/our-staff/">asfsdfsdfsdf</a>
</div> </div><!-- #ctaShell -->

I have attached the current javascript file I am using.

Thank you!

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kcaldwell replied on at Permalink Reply
I found that if I put the CSS in a file and the Javascript "below" the view.php info that it is working now.

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