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I am having problems with the Power Slider, when clicking on the image I do not go to the page I selected from the Sitemap when I created the slide, but instead get a 404 Not Found Error page. I noticed that when on the actual page that "/index.php/" is part of the page address, but when hovering my cursor over the picture I see that that portion (/index.php/)is not part of the address. How do I fix it so I can get the link to work?


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faruk replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same problem, anyone?
ChangeCondutivity replied on at Permalink Reply
I found that I needed to activate Pretty URLs. I can't remember the process off hand, but I think you can do a search on it through Concrete5. Pretty URLs changes the format of each page's web address to a more simple format and that matches the format that is automatically used by the Power Slider to create a link.

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