The power slider addon won't display the subtitle field

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So I have been playing around with the rigidlight install for a bit now and trying to learn some c5 stuff (the architecture and program flow) by modifying the design to change the look and feel a bit. This is also why I dont wanna do a fresh reinstall as I have made significant changes to the powerslider block css as well as the Theme css stuff.

EDIT: By the way the problem described below is also there on a fresh install of teh theme I did on another system so I am confident it isnt because of any changes that I made.

So when editing or adding a powerslider block there should be a field for the Title and Subtitle - my problem is the subtitle field doesnt show at all. It is however in the source for the page??? when i View->Source

I checked where it originates from and in image_row_include.php the code for it is there. After editing in this file I see the changes on the edit Slider page (I typed in 'Hello world' just to make sure it wasnt coming from a cached file or anything).

So I dont understand why the code is in the source to display the subtitle label and field but it wont show up for me. I initially thought it was just left out of the lite version but after looking at the code as mentioned above it is there, without any javascript interfering with display option afaik.

I have inspected the theme and installed the missing page_types -as this seemed to help some other problems. I have also cleared the cache and disabled caching in case there was some issue there but no joy.

I am really liking your theme and block stuff but this has been driving me mad - any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks for your time

P.S I have attached a picture which illustrates the point. Here the gap between elements is because teh subtitle div was styled with 50px padding above and below - so the div is there and in the source u can see the content for the subtitle field but it isnt showing up? This was done on a fresh install of rigid light with no other changes

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Vivid replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't read into it. It's intentionally not there. :) I only wanted it to display one style of text. What made you want to inspect that anyways?
Sharks replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry but I dont really understand what you mean?

The code for displaying a subtitle field is in the source - so I dont understand how it's not being displayed - can you explain this to me?

Im inspecting it because I want to play around with the block and potentially add some extra fields and functionality to the block.

Vivid replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I intentionally hid the field because I only wanted one text style. So yeah, it's in the source code just because I use the power slider for all of my themes and didn't really want to mess with the source code, only the view.php. So I just hid it with CSS. If you were inspecting it, you should've seen that the stylesheet "iGotStyle.css" is what was hiding it on line 207.

Send me a PM of your theme once you're done. I'd love to see how you've changed up the theme.
Sharks replied on at Permalink Reply
Uggh.. dunno how I missed that.
I guess I wasnt expecting the label[for="tagname"] to be explicitly defined in the css. I was convinced it must be a javascript manipulation that I couldnt find lol.
Thanks for pointing me to the solution.

I'm cherry picking a few items from different designs and throwing them together to see what I can build so it ain't guaranteed to be pretty lol :-) but I like doing it as it helps me understand the C5 structure as well as getting exposure to how other developers code their blocks and themes etc..

Its my first C5 project so once I get the theme and blocks structure and interaction under control, I will then move on to understanding the best way to write some application code into C5 - using single_pages or what not... so thats my next area of research.

Thanks again for a very speedy response
Vivid replied on at Permalink Reply
let me know if I can help any further.

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