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I feel stupid right now as I must be doing something wrong. I've only just switched to Concrete after using Joomla for years. I have installed a fresh install of Turnkey Concrete5 appliance and updated to the latest version - without doing anything else I've installed the Rigid-Light theme from the marketplace, inspected the the theme so the page styles were created, activated the theme and changed the homepage style to homepage.

So, the page is 'untidy' (remember I have not added any content yet), When I try to add a Simple Logo the text just appears as plain text in a line, no formatting etc. I can't add a logo where most people have theirs, mine just defaults to text saying 'Turnkey Concrete5'.

Any help appreciated

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Suicyco replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you add your logo following these instructions (taken from the official theme help)?

"Go to "stacks". Create a new stack, and add a block to the stack. It can either be the "simple logo" block, or your own logo in an image block. Once you've added the block, click the block and select "custom template". Add the name "My_Site_Name" to the custom template, save. Approve the changes in the stack. Voila!"

I can remember remotely, that when I set up my site, I had the same problem. It turned out that it worked when following these instructions. ;)

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