How Do I Begin?

Apex Editor README


This README documents the steps necessary to get the Apex Editor running.

What is this Add-On for?

  • Apex is Text Editor designed to help Concrete Developers design more efficiently by providing a simple way to edit any Theme from the Marketplace. Note: this currently only works for Application/themes/ and themes installed from the marketplace.
  • First, Install the Apex Editor from the Concrete5 Marketplace.
  • Optional: Turn OFF the Theme CSS & CSS/JS Cache. (Dashboard > System and Settings > Optimization > Cache and Speed Settings.)
  • Second, simply visit the Apex Editor in Dashboard at
  • Third, Choose Packages - Themes or Application - Themes (only themes... for now ;))
  • Finally, Choose the file you wish to edit and begin!

Note: This Add-on assumes you've followed Step 4 of the Basic Setup and Installation process.