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We strive to make Concrete CMS the most used CMS in Denmark.  We are now on concrete5 8.5.7. 

We translate the Concrete CMS to Danish, and we can also translate add-on packages on request. If you need a partner for your web project, but have difficulty expressing your challenges in English, then is definitely for you.

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This package is fantastic... It's always been a concern giving certain clients the ability to go into the backend of…


We are proud to announce that C5DK Blog is ready for concrete5 v8.x

But of course we still support concrete5 5.7

As of version 8.5.2 of our package (released February 28th, 2020), we introduce a lot of new things.

We have expanded the system with Editor functionality. So there can now be both blog writers and blog editors. The publishing time of the articles can now be postponed, while it is also possible to automatically unpublish an article. To experience all this news (and more), visit our documentation site at

A simple but yet sophisticated blog and news package

A blog experience for both single-user and multi-user sites. A blog that is simple for the user, but still sophisticated enough to handle both pictures and embedded video in the blog. A really neat feature is that each blogger has his/her own image library and it is possible to "crop" pictures to the thumbnail image in the blog editor page.

To see the package live, please visit:

Can we adopt the blog pages created in composer?

Yes, after you have installed our package (and configured your blog entry page as our blog root page and done all preliminary settings), you can search all your blog pages by page type in Sitemap/Page Search. And here you simply tag all your blog pages and choose "Properties" from the "Items Selected" menu. You will here get a list of all page attributes. You simply add our "Blog Author ID" page attriburte and type in your user ID number. Now our blog package will be aware of your old blog pages.

Simple yet flexible

With this blog package you can create a blog site for yourself, we call this Single-User blog. And with this blog package you can also create multiple blog sections called blog roots. With this functionality it is possible to have different sections with different blog layout that supports the theme each blog is about.

It is also possible to have multiple bloggers on your site, we call this the Multi-User blog. Each blogger can have hers/his own blog section or multiple bloggers can blog under the same section. This provides the ultimate flexibility in the use of this blog package.

Each blogger has hers/his own image manager and file manager

We have tried very hard to add blog tools and functionality to this package. We've added a image manager that is independent of Concrete5 file manager. You will as a blogger, in this way, only see and control your own pictures and not all the other pictures uploded to your site.

If you have several bloggers on your site, each blogger will only be able to view and manage his/her own images. All images is of cause accessible by the administrator in the file manager.

Full control over thumbnails

We have made it possible to crop an image in an easy way. That gives you full control over your thumbnails and your thumbnails will always show exactly what you decide.

Current Version:
Fully Translatable: Yes
Needs External Libraries: No
Compatible 8.2.0+
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets every few days.
Support Hosted: On
Needs extra server permissions: No
Needs Internet: No
Marketplace Tests:
Passed Automated Tests
Passed PRB Review