Version History

C5DK Blog for concrete5 5.7

Version 1.0 - Initial version

Version 1.1 - Added German translation

Version 1.2 - Added Russian translation + Added user attribut for fullname (used to swap username with fullname in our page list template and header block).

Version 1.3 - Just some small fixes + the possibility to add full name to use instead of username (remember to fill out the user attribute "Fullname") + Adding a delete button for deleting a blog root

Version 1.3.1 - Fixed a very stupid bug where the save button on the blog roots page went missing - Sorry for this!

Version 1.4.0 - Major overhauling version - we have made the styling more clean and minimalistic. We added some new templates to accommodate requests from the support forum. If you liked the old "C5DK blog button", you should choose the "C5dk Old" template for the block. And you are now able to change some styling of the "Posted By" line in our "C5DK Header Block" and the Page Templates. You can change the styles in the dashboard settings page. We have also added a new Page List template "C5dk Blog Page List Full Content" that makes it possible to add the Page List block with full blog content instead of the description.

We added a video on YouTube showing all changes and new futures in version 1.4.0 here -

Version 1.4.1 - Same as 1.4.0, but we forgot some icons - Sorry...

Version 1.4.2 - Minor bug fixes!

Version 1.4.3 - Major update. We did think that a lot of these updates should have been waiting for concrete5 8.0 (this update will not run on 8.0), but because the newest concrete5 version did crash our blog package, we decided to release all new things now (including fix for Beside the fix, we have made a lot of new design and added a few templates for "blog button", "page list" and "topics". Enjoy...

Version 1.4.4 - Minor bug fixes! One user found a bug related to permissions that was hard to reproduce. We now think that it's fixed and we would like to hear if anything else is making troubles.

C5DK Blog for concrete5 8.0

Version 8.0.1 - Initial version for concrete5 8.0.0 - This is a major update targeted concrete5 version 8.0. This version includes new ckEditor text editor and a bunch of new settings.

Version 8.0.2 Small version number fix (minimum concrete5 version)

Version 8.0.3 Again small version number fix (some small confusement)

Version 8.0.5 This is a cleanup fix where namespaces now comply fully to concrete5 8.0.1. (It has been a little difficult to get our minds wrapped around this)

Version Just som small bug fixes and some corrections to topics templates.

Version A lot of changes related to concrete5 8.2.0. Minor bug fixes. Added settings for optional thumbnail and tags in the blog composer. Added templates for the Pixel Theme. Added an additional template to the "Go Back" block. Updated CKEditor to latest 4.7.1 build.

Version A small bug sneaked in to version So this version supersedes (Sorry)

Version Major update... A lot has changed... New uploader can handle very big images. New image cropper with possibility to rotate images. Incl. templates for the Pixel theme. C5DK Blog file (image) manager is now a slide-in.

Version Major update. Corrected some buge that caused the package to fail in newer versions of concrete5. We are still chasing changes in core concrete5 and it is a little hard to keep up with the core. Added a new functoinality to be able to choose a default thumbnail for blogs that do not have one assigned (you set this in the dashboard settings for the blog).

Version Some bug fixes in the file uploader and in the new User Attribute Display functions.

Version 8.3.2 Changed the way we save the blog page and some cleanup

Version 8.4.0 Blog users will now be able to "remove" images in the user image manager. The image is not deleted, but moved to a "trash" file set and at the same time moved to a trash folder underneath the C5DK Blog folder in concrete5 file manager.

Version 8.4.3 Major bug fix: We made som code that simply did not work. It should work now. Sorry!

Version 8.5.2 Major update: In this new C5DK Blog Package, we introduce a lot of new things. We have expanded the system with Editor functionality. So there can now be both blog writers and blog editors. The publishing time of the articles can now be postponed, while it is also possible to automatically unpublish an article. To experience all this news (and more), visit our documentation site at

Version Minor bug fixes: Jep, we found some bugs - they are now fixed.

Version Minor bug fixes: Jep, we found some bugs - they are now fixed.

Version Minor bug fixes: Oups, we found one more - it is now fixed.

Version Minor bug fixes: Some problems with routes in our package that gave compatibility problems with older concrete5 versions - it is now fixed - we hope. 

Version Minor bug fixes: Some problems with compatibility with older concrete5 versions - we hope it is now fixed.

Version Minor bug fixes: Oups, we found a bug - It is now fixed.