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Database Case Sensitivity Migration (MySQL)

Because basic site installation and maintenance should be free and open source!

This add-on helps you migrate your site's database from Windows environment to Linux. You need this for example if you have developed your site under Windows with the default MySQL configuration with case insensitive table names.

When do I need this?

You need this script if you're moving your site from a server that has used MySQL lower case table names to a server where you need case sensitive table names. For example if you're moving your site from Windows development environment to Linux production environment, you might need this if you have not set the MySQL server's configuration correctly on the Windows development environment.

Get a database exception saying something like this?

mysql error: [1146: Table 'your_database.Packages' doesn't exist]

Then this add-on might be just for you. This happens if you move your site from a case insensitive environment (e.g. Windows) to a case sensitive environment (e.g. Linux).

Does it change all the table names?

We cannot guarantee this because each add-on has their own developers but at least it converts these correctly:

  • Core tables in the core database schema
  • Core tables that are not included in the core database schema file (e.g. btFile)
  • Every block's tables described in block's db.xml (core, custom and package blocks)
  • Every package's tables described in package's db.xml
  • eCommerce custom table names (for shipping types, discount types and payment methods)

However, if some tables are missing from the migration, the tool will inform you about that. These tables can be easily added to the custom script or migrated manually.

Also, we've included a simple way for each package to add more custom tables to be included in the migration, so by writing few lines of code, you can easily include your site's custom tables to the migration. Please see the Documentation page for more information.


You can find the tools under System & Settings => Backup & Restore => Database Migration.

For further instructions, please see the Documentation page.

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