Robots meta configuration

DashboardSEOTitles & Metas (“Other” tab)

Meta Robots Index

Whether you want to keep your whole site out of the index, just a single page or you prefer to keep specific page types of your site unfindable: the Devoda SEO plugin has your back. In the SEO section of a single page is a Meta Robots Index setting that allows you to choose the setting on a per page basis.

Order of importance

If a meta robots index setting is set on a per page basis, this value will be used. If none is set, it will look for the “Page Type” specific setting. Also no value set will mean it will use the sitewide “Meta Robots Index” value.

You can also choose to set a page type or page specific value to “sitewide value”. In this case, it will use the sitewide value.

Meta Robots Follow

The “Follow” value works the same way as the ‘Meta Robots Index’. The only difference is that it will have the values “Follow” and “Nofollow”. Same order of importance applies here.

Meta Robots Advanced

Next to these robots, you can also enable/disable the following sitewide & page specifically:

  • Meta Robots NO ODP (NO Open Directory Project);
    Prevents search engines from using metadata from the Open Directory project for titles or snippets. If you set a custom description for a page, it will have the noodp tag regardless of this setting.
  • Meta Robots No Image Index;
    Prevents search engines from indexing images.
  • Meta Robots No Archive;
    Prevents search engines from showing a 'Cached' link in search results.
  • Meta Robots No Snippet;
    Prevents search engines from showing a snippet in the search results.
  • Meta Robots No Translate;
    Prevents search engines from offering translation of pages in search results.

All of the 5 above can also be entered on a per page basis. Go to the SEO section of a single page and look for “Devoda SEO”. Within the “Advanced” tab, you can change “Meta Robots Advanced” to “Custom”, in order not to use the sitewide settings. If you ever want to revert back to sitewide, just change the “Meta Robots Advanced” and you’re done. This makes maintaining your site with specific settings really easy.


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