Filtering and Searching

Since Version 1.1 you can add searching and filtering to your gallery. Here soome info about.

1. Activate the option

First of all you need to activate the relative option to search or/and filtering thanks to the advanced options button in edit mode.

About tags to image :
Unfortunatelly, the attribute 'Tags' installed with Conrete5 is not be used because it does not add multiple tags to a picture but only words separated by commas. No interest in our Gallery.
Also, because of a bug Concrete5 the attribute type "select" sometimes does not settle well with a package, so we have to check if it is present in your site and if necessary, create it.

2. Check the attribute

Go to Dashboard > Files > Attribute and check if you have the same as in the screenshot below.

if not You need to create the attribute (point 3.), if yes, go directly to the point 4

3. Create the attributes

To create both attributes, just copy the setting as in the screenshots. The Columns attributes is used to change with of a thumbnail. You can only use number as 1,2,3,4 and 6.


4. Fill Tags

Now go to file manager and click on a image > properties. In the bottom of the window that was open, you will see you new attribute "Image Tags". Click on them and add differents tags.

5. Check

Return to your gallery and check if the tags filtering work.