Frequently Asked Questions

Does EasyRate use cookies?
Yes, the principal of Rating is that you can rate only once. To make this possible EasyRate places a cookie upon voting. Once the cookie has been saved the rate button will disappear. Naturally cookies can be removed. However EasyRate also checkes if the current browser session in which the rating has been cast is still active. If so, removing the cookie will have no effect until a new browser session is active.

Why can I keep rating over and over again?
Your browser is probably not accepting cookies, therefore your computer/browser doesn't remember you already voted. Change your browser settings to accept cookies.

Why can I vote ‘again' after editing the EasyRate block?
Concrete5 works with versions. Each time you edit a block, a new version is created along with a new ID, therefore it looks like a new block and you are able to vote 'again'.

How many EasyRate blocks can I use?
Use as many as you like on your page and throughout your website. EasyRate blocks work independently giving you the freedom to rate anything, anywhere!

Can I limit ratings to registered users?
Yes you can! Simply set the option ‘Limit to registered users’ to YES and users will have to sign up to your website before they can vote. It goes without saying that if you set this option to NO, voting will be open to everyone!

Why can I see the 'background icon' underneath the 'foreground icon'?
EasyRate uses Fontawesome icons. We created the possibility for you to customize your block as much as possible meaning you can also choose the icons you prefer. However, the Fotawesome icons are transparant and not all icons have the same size/. Therefore not all combinations and look good on top of each other. Make sure you choose icons that match, such as Stars, Thumbs, Check marks, etc. Also try to experiment using the same icons but in different colors.

Check out our website for EasyRate examples and suggestions

What variables can I use in Text label1? 

  • Amount of voters: [ratecount]
  • Maximum (stars): [ratemax]
  • Average of current votes: [rateaverage]

All three variables can be customized:

  • the amount of decimals (default 1) eg. 0.5
  • the decimal sign separator (default '.’) eg. 10.0
  • the thousand sign separator (default ‘,’) eg. 1,000

Examples you can use or customize:

To get this: There are 1000 votes! The average is 4.5 out of 5 stars!
Use this: There are [ratecount decimals=0] votes! The average is [rateaverage] out of [ratemax decimals=0] stars!

To get this: There are 1.000 votes! The average vote is 9,6”
Use this: There are [ratecount decimals=0 decimalpoint=, thousandssep=.] votes! The average vote is [rateaverage decimals=1 decimalpoint=, thousandssep=.]

Can I swith off the tooltips?
There is no off switch, however you can simply leave the text fields blank so they will not show up.

Are there options you would like to see added?
Send us a private message or tweet us @4concrete5 and maybe we can add your request in a future update!


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