Setup Multilingual

Make sure you’ve first setup your concrete5 website to use multiple locales! Afterwards, follow the simple steps in the list below.

  1. Login into you concrete5 dashboard;
  2. Go to your dashboard and navigate to “System & Settings”;
  3. Navigate to “Live Chat”;
  4. Navigate to “Multilingual Setup”;
  5. You will see your configured locales here, click the one you want to setup
  6. (if you have setup your site to be multilingual, otherwise please do so first)
  7. Login to your account to select a widget;
  8. Customize the chat widget from within the dashboard to your preference
  9. All set and done, start chatting with your visitors!
  10. Click “Back to Multilingual Setup” and go back to step 5 to do the same for other locales (if needed);