Locations and Groups

Quick usage

  • Once installed, visit the 'Map Locations' page within the dashboard and enter one or more locations.
  • Add a Location Map block to a page.

Creating Locations

Locations are added via the Map Locations->Locations page within the dashboard

When you create a new location and enter an address, the address will be automatically 'geocoded', to find its latitude coordinates.

If this fails you will see a red warning message against the location in the location list.

To manually adjust the location, edit a location via the dashboard and either enter in latitude and longitude coordinates or drag the map marker on the preview map.

Infowindow content

The infowindow content is the 'bubble' that appears when a marker is clicked on a map (or when it's listing alongside the map is clicked).

You can elect to:

  • Automatically display the name and address, followed by any content entered into the 'Extended Details' field
  • Only display the Extended Details field
  • Turn this bubble off

These options allow you to customise the content of the bubble to either include more detail, or provide alternative details to the address.

Tip: keep the formatting of your bubble as simple as possible. Although this field provides formatting options, you may find that some options result in poor appearance.

Locations without addresses

Locations can be added to maps without specifying an address:

  • Enter the name of the Location Name and either enter a latitude and longitude or drag the preview marker to the desired location.
  • You can then use the Extended Details field to provide information for the 'infowindow' bubble

This is useful if you wish to provide a map of 'locations of interest', including locations that don't relate to street addresses.


Groups can be used to filter locations. Add groups via the Map Location->Groups page of the dashboard.

Once created, groups can be assigned to locations when they are added and edited.

Location Map blocks then have a 'Filter to group' option, where you can restrict the markers displayed for that block to one particular group.