Version History

2.1 - php7 compatibility

2.0.2 - Fix issue where nested 2 tabs could break the rendering of nested 1 tabs.

2.0.1 - Update to tab parameter mechanism to match that used in the c5.7 version of Magic Tabs - Fixes issue with ui.css inclusion for ui based tab templates. - Resolves issue with getSearchableContent() used in the core search engine indexing jobs - Fix issue with installer - Minor css revision in OK to Primary template

2.0 - Nested tabs. Vertical tabs. Accordions. Responsive. Animated transitions. Back button history. Links to tabs. Automated player. Magic Data integration. WARNING - YOU MAY NEED TO MAKE MINOR CHANGES TO YOUR OWN CUSTOM TAB TEMPLATES FOR FULL COMPATIBILITY WITH THIS UPDATE. - Fix for tab names with .(period) in them.

1.1 - New starter template for designers. Some minor JavaScript changes.

1.0.1 - Fix to work with template area names that contain spaces.

1.0 - Initial release