Page List+ lets you create a list of pages by:

  • Choosing one or more page types
  • Filtering by keywords
  • Filtering by 'related to current page content'
  • Filtering can be done in 3 modes: simple, fulltext and fulltext-boolean
  • Filtering by most standard page attribute (address and most custom attribute types are not supported)
    • Has/doesn't have a value
    • Text contains/doesn't contain a value
    • Numbers and Dates within/without a range
    • Images and Files by name
    • Checkbox yes/no
    • By select option
    • By 'Page Selector' custom attribute
    • By 'Multi Date' custom attribute provided by the ProEvents addon
    • By 'Coordinates' custom attribute provided by the Address Geocode addon
    • All attributes can be filtered to 'match' the current page, in effect creating a 'related to' list
    • Filters can be user-selected, allowing the visitor to narrow a search by criteria that you setup
  • User-selectable filters are, by default, sorted alphabetically. They can also be sorted manually in any order.
  • Limit the number of pages returned
  • Optionally show a list Title at the top of your list
  • Optionally show a 'Show All' link at the bottom of your list
  • Sorting to two levels by:
    • Sitemap order
    • Alpha: a-z and z-a
    • Publish date: first-last and last-first
    • Page attributes: a-z and z-a
  • Use as site search, allowing users to filter based on criteria that you setup.


This is a beta version of Page List+. It may not work properly with Page List Thumbnail Views. It should work fine if you do not use this addon.