Version History

2.1.2.x releases: (23.01.2015 - 07.12.2015)

New features:

  • Concrete 5.7 compatibility

1.5 release: (26.11.2014)

Bug fixes:

  • Number of bug fixes with database quiries, UI 

New features:

  • User Area block where users can find direct links to all Quizzes and their personal Quizzes statistic

1.4 release: (01.06.2014)

Minor bug fixes:

  • W3C HTML bugfix (QMP-102)
  • Marketplace checks fixes

1.3 release: (16.10.2013)

New features and improvements:

  • redesign of Skip function (updated logic, buttons)
  • Certificates (add additional fields, user_percent)
  • UI improvements (items position, options names, icons, buttons)
  • Show comments for each question after answered
  • Pull user info from User Attributes into Certificate using "handle"

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bugfixes
  • Certificates do not work with .gif background image

1.2 release: (31.08.2013)

New features:

  • Certificates management block
  • Retake Quiz button 
  • Review answers button
  • Skip questions option
  • UI improvements
  • Perfomance improvements

1.1 release: (25.06.2013)

New features:

  • QZMKR-48 - add the ability (quiz option) to enter the Quiz even if it is '"passed" already
  • display the right answer option just after user answers the question
  • list of quizzed to choose, front end

Bug fixes:

  • text being shortened on questions where an image is placed

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